Saigon…What the Hell Are You Doing?!?!

I'm A&Ring the damn project and even I'm asking this question! What the hell is up Sai Giddy? Why is your album taking so bloody long to come out? Is Just Blaze trying to make you sell out? Is Atlantic losing faith? Did the infamous diner incident delay the recording process? You bagging too many Hollywood hoes now that you're on Entourage? Is this gonna be like the Detox album where you just keep us at the edge of our seat forever? What is it Sai?! I need some answers god dammit! I feel like the girl in the relationship when ...

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K’naan wins Juno

The Junos—basically the Canadian version of the Grammy Awards—took place last weekend in Halifax. Our annual shindig is always a little embarrassing, what with the ...

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