Young Thug sent out several prayers to his family, friends and OGs like Jay-Z and Diddy.

On Tuesday morning (May 14), Thugger uploaded 15 videos to his Instagram timeline, and in them, he says a prayer for his mother, father, brothers, sisters and the artists under his wing at Young Stoner Life Records. After wishing nothing but success and advice for rappers like Lil Keed, Lil Duke, Gunna and his blood sisters Dora and Dolly, Thug offered a prayer for Jay-Z and Sean 'Diddy' Combs.

"I pray to God that the world will understand Jay-Z and Diddy faster than they are," Thugger says about Hov and Diddy. "I pray that those two men are able to start relaying their message a little more simpler so that we can catch on faster."

Now, Thugger doesn't specify what, exactly, he thinks Hov and Diddy potentially want the world to understand about them, but both men are annually included on various Forbes lists documenting the world's most wealthy people. In addition to their outright wealth and status in the music industry, both have been associated with being progressive examples of Black excellence.

In another part of his extended prayer, Thug also alludes to Nipsey Hussle and Meek Mill. Speaking of Nipsey, the ATLien recently shared a clip of a new song in which he raps about the L.A. rapper's tragic death.

"AK for these pussy niggas thinking they got stamina/Tell me that ain't Nipsey I just seen on that camera," Thugger raps. "I can't see how niggas let him get shot/That lil baby ran up on him ain't nobody but him die/Trying to give niggas the benefit but really I cannot/And I can only imagine the tears on him mom's and his wife's eyes/Daddy face on a t-shirt, they don't even know why/I'm like oh my."

Check out his prayers for Jay-Z, Diddy and more below.

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