Lyor Cohen said they were going to "bury" Young Thug's Slime Season 3 mixtape today (March 18) at SXSW in Austin, so they did.

A funeral procession of sorts, complete with a coffin, was held on Austin's chaotic 6th Street for Thugger's tape today, as video and pictures have popped up. A picture was captured of brass players allegedly playing arrangements of Thug's song in a morgue. The Atlanta MC was nowhere to be found, but horns were heard playing "Best Friend" alongside the coffin.

Another picture has emerged of the casket that went with the proceedings, and the coffin had "3-25-16" date written on it, which would indicate a March 25 release date for Slime Season 3.

In addition, Andrew Barber, the mastermind behind FakeShoreDrive, also posted praise for 300's marketing stunt. "@300's funeral procession of Thugger's 'Slime Season 3' on 6th St. is one the best marketing stunts of this new era. More of this please," he wrote on Twitter.

In other news, a hacker is holding Thug's fiancee's Instagram page hostage until he releases more music. "Iight @thuggerthugger1 you better drop #SS3 in 1 hour or we gone blow them extendo dicks at you instagram account," the hacker wrote on Instagram. The hacker might be leaking songs too, as the same site that reported on it,, also just uploaded a new Thug song called "Dope" with Lil Uzi Vert. Hear that below.

Check out more pictures from the proceedings below, including the black casket with the red writing on it. Some pretty genius marketing here.

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