Photos courtesy of Techie

Young Jeezy has seen better days. The Georgia-powered rapper lit up the game six years ago with his early mixtape releases, including Trap or Die. But the CTE boss has been second guessed since he announced his forthcoming LP, TM 103; the title is a nod that he's returning to the streets but his work hasn't been as uncut.

On Monday night (June 25), however, Da Snowman reminded everyone that he can still deliver that raw during a Hot 97-sponsored show to mark the sixth anniversary of his seminal debut, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101.

Jeezy arrived on stage just before 11:30 p.m. sporting Trap Boy couture: black bandanna, black shades, black jacket, black T-shirt, black sneaks and dark denim, and enough ice around his neck to get Queens through another blackout. The Highline Ballroom crowd was cheering him on.

Fittingly, Young opened with "Standing Ovation."

“I told 'em, straight drop this and Ziplock that/right on my waistline is where I kept that strap," he spit backed by his band. "I remember nights, I didn't remember nights..."

After a quick run through "Let's Get It/Sky's the Limit," Jeezy was joined by Jay-Z for "Go Crazy."

The CEO of the Roc was dope boy fresh.

"More than a hustler, I'm the definition of it," Hov rapped over the rollicking horns. "Master Chef, lord of the kitching cupboard."

Next, Kanye West stormed the stage for "Put On," Jeezy's first (but not last) departure from 101; Fabolous and Bun B also performed with Jeezy and he ceded the stage to the LOX for a brief set.

As smoke began to billow above the audience, 'Ye, in his Dallas Mavericks snapback hat, smiled as he and Jeezy riled up the crowd.

“The sky is the muthafuckin' limit,” Jeezy told the crowd later, before he closed the night with “I Luv It.” “If you can think it, you can do it. Don’t let no hating-ass nigga tell you, you can’t do it. TM 103 on the way.”

Thaaaat’s riiiiight!

TM 103 is due September 20, Jeezy revealed before he left the stage.—Jayson Rodriguez