Young Guru is an avid basketball fan. Besides being one of the greatest engineers ever within our beloved culture, he also puts in work on the basketball court. During his interview with HardKnock TV, Guru combined both worlds when he compared the legendary J.Dilla to the venerable Michael Jordan.

"I always say this, he’s like Michael Jordan, because he took the style of everyone and put them all together. He could do everyone’s style, but everybody can’t do his style.  He has the West Coast funk. He has the East Coast hop. He has that Midwest Swing. He has all of it. His thing about quantizing would always give the drums his own personal little offness where it’s that last minute. It’s like when the elevator’s closing and you just jump in for the snare to be on time but it’s really late," he said.

In addition to J.Dilla, Guru touched on the legendary documentary, Fade To Black, which highlighted Jay Z's work on The Black Album. Check out the interview below.

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