Young Chris' talents span many musical genres and his latest venture is a testament to just that.

The former Roc-A-Fella-rapper-turned-Division-1 signee teamed up with Spanish electro funk group Navegante, headed by lead singer Jean Shepherd, for their collaborative joint, "All in Your Head," a remix of the original track which appears on the album Rebel Ship Rock.

All in Ur Head ft Young Chris(Clip) by Navegante

A couple of weeks back, the duo, backed by newest member and former Public Enemy drummer T-Bone, shot an accompanying video directed by none-other-than famed videographer Rik Cordero, whose worked with the likes of Nas, Jay-Z, The Roots and Ghostface, to list a few. The shoot was also co-sponsored by Gibson, which provided guitars for it.

"Navegante and Young Chris are good friends of mine so when the opportunity arose to capture them together I jumped at the chance," Cordero said of the collabo.


Conveniently shot at the New York City Rocawear headquarters, the affair drew a crowd of hyped fans who, regardless of the humidity in the room, jumped around and waved their hands in the air during every take. Fun fact: the audience also enjoyed homemade macaroni-n-cheese made by Shepherd's wife, chef Anita, throughout the breaks.

"We shot a video up at Rocawear... shoutout to Navegante," Chris told XXL about the affair. "It was great, man."


After the shoot was complete, Shepherd blessed his diehard fans with an impromptu show, performing a number of his most celebrate songs, including "Out in the Cold," "Spark it" and "Personal Jesus," among others. And, just as he wrapped up his last set, Chris' former boss, Jay-Z, stopped by, catching the tail-end of the show. Young Chris and Shepherd made sure to give Hov another round just so he can get a taste of what Navegante and the former Roc-A-Fella boy have to offer.

"Jay came down to watch the performance and we got to chop it up a lil bit," Chris said excitedly about his former label head showing his support. "It's always good to see my family, you know what I mean? That's my extended family forever. Even though I'm Division 1, the Roc is always my extended family."

"Roc-a-Wear showed us a ton of love and what better way to end the night than to have Hova stop by and literally stand there, glued to the performances and [feel] the energy in the room — it doesnt get much better than that," added Cordero.

Catch a quick glimpse of Jay-Z at the hyped affair below:

"I like that, Young Chris," Jay-Z told his one-time mentee while dapping him up after he rocked out. Perfect cosign to a dope evening.—Mariel Concepcion (@mceezy)

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