Who wants a piece of Young Buck?

eBay is making it possible to purchase items belonging to the embattled former G-Unit rapper, who began serving an 18-month prison sentence on weapons charges back in August.

Amongst Buck’s personal items up for sale are his brown Live Mechanics leather coat, a 4XL Artful Dodger Cutter Lads coat, a Bachrach pinstripe suit and a full craps table. The first three items have a starting bid listed at $300, while the craps table has a starting bid of $4,000.

Coincidentally, the seller of the items—Vintagemusicgear—is known for selling music recording equipment and items belonging to artists.

These items are believed to come from the IRS auction of Buck's personal items, after the rapper filed for bankruptcy. The auction brought in $53,000 this past July.