YG is willing to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration, but there are some stipulations.

The Bompton rapper recently hopped on Twitter and revealed what would have to happen to get 4 Hunnid to show up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. "I'll perform 'Fuck Donald Trump' at his inauguration for $4,000,000," he tweeted.

Even though that sounds like it would be one of the greatest things ever to happen in rap history. We seriously doubt the Trump admin has a sense of humor about the whole thing, or is willing to pay to have "FDT" performed for a crowd. That's like giving someone money to kick you in the nuts.

Clearly, we aren't the only ones that want to see this happen. Fans have started a GoFundMe page in order to raise the $4 million.

Snoop is threatening to verbally assault the first "Uncle Tom" to give Trump a show. “Which one of you jiggaboo ass niggas gonna be the first one to do it?," he recently wondered aloud on Instagram. "I’m waitin.’ I’m gonna roast the fuck out of you uncle tom ass niggas for doin’ it. Which one of you niggas gonna do it first?”

Trump and his camp have been searching for a rapper to put on the bill. Yesterday (Jan. 14), 2 Chainz revealed he was contacted by The Donald's people about performing at the event.

"Trump calls management," Tity Boi said in an Instagram video. "And I know they only doing this ’cause they can’t get nobody else. They want me to perform for the inauguration. I had to say nah. No matter how much money it was. I probably won’t be going to The White House no time soon,” he concluded.

It looks like they'll have to get Riff Raff on the line. His asking price is way less than 4 Ms.

Donald Trump's inauguration takes place on Jan. 20.

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