It's a YBN thing. On Friday (April 20), YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay dropped the video for the new track "Bread Winners."

The song, which is produced by Hoodzone, has a Bay Area bop to it and finds the rappers bragging about their paper-stacking prowess. "Take a bitch from the strip, to the bed/Make that hoe give me head, but I ain't never breakin' bread with her (I ain't never breakin' bread with her)," Jay raps on the chorus. "Niggas lame, they want beef with the gang/Tryna diss YBN 'cause they know we some bread winners ('cause they know we some bread winners)."

Shot and edited by PWNZYY Productions, and directed by PPLCALLMEFACE, the visual shows the rappers spitting an in exotic car dealership. In another scene, they post up in a posh hotel with a young woman.

"Yo' man a head giver, I'm a led giver/I fucked yo' bitch, so I gotta let my mans hit her (grrrah, pow, pow, pow)," Nahmir rhymes. "30 clip in the stick if her mans with her (gang)/So yo' bitch let me fuck 'cause my chain bigger (huh?)/You say you get stacks, I'ma double that (I'ma double that)/I spin a nigga block, and then I double back (on my mama)/Them niggas know me like the house on the dead-end (on the dead-end)/Well that's the trap that, we used to make bread in (ayy, ayy)."

The song is off the rappers' upcoming joint mixtape, which was slated to drop on April 20, but pushed back.

XXL recently spoke to Almighty Jay, who has made headlines for dating Blac Chyna. He wants to be known for his music. "I wanna be a legend when it's all said and done," he told us. "I got 'legend' tattooed behind my ear, 'cause I know that's what I'm gonna be. I want everyone to remember me for something in hip-hop."

Check out the YBN boys' new "Bread Winners" video below.

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