Wiz Khalifa got a taste of the movie business with his film Mac & Devin Go To High School with Snoop Dogg, and the O.N.I.F.C. may be trying his hand at another film featuring another well known rapper. While recently on DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show, the Pittsburg rhymer confirmed that he and 50 Cent have talked about putting a film and soundtrack together. “I was just with 50 in Vegas and we were talking about doing a movie and a soundtrack,” he told Whoo Kid. Wiz had very few details other than saying he wouldn’t mind playing the bad guy role. “I want to be the drug dealer in the movie. I want to hold the pistol. I want to pop that nigga,” he joked.

Wiz said the two first linked up earlier this year on the song, “Telescope,” and went into detail on how the odd collaboration was born. “I had got the ["Telescope"] beat from Harry Fraud and I heard 50 all over it, man,” he recalled. “I hit him up. I was in New York. He came through. He drank mad water and recorded his verse," he said adding that drug free Fif caught “just a little bit” of a contact high from all the weed smoke in the studio.

Check out the entire interview, where Wiz talks about getting that pregnant loving from Amber Rose, why Snoop or Curren$y didn’t make it on his album and wanting to work with Dr. Dre, below.