Tennis great Serena Williams created a stir after breaking out into an impromptu Crip walk in celebration of winning her first Olympic singles gold medal on Saturday (August 4).

Williams did the dance, which was popularized by the Crip gang in her hometown of Compton, for all but a few seconds, but several different media outlets have slammed her, as they believe she’s glorifying the hardened street gang.

Snoop Dogg, a rap legend and known member of the Crips, disagrees. He took to his Twitter account over the weekend to salute Williams for doing the C-walk on the worldwide Olympic stage in London.

“Shot out to Serena Williams,” Snoop tweeted. “C walking at the Olympics Cpt style hahahahah! Go girl.”

Although Snoop sways in favor of Williams’s celebration, there are those that don’t.

“What Serena did was akin to cracking a tasteless, X-rated joke inside a church,” Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock offered. “It wasn’t quite as bad but it was in the same ballpark of the idiot sportswriter who decided to channel Andrew Dice Clay on Twitter the night Jeremy Lin channeled Allen Iverson.

“Serena deserved to be criticized and she should’ve immediately apologized,” he added. “Wimbledon isn’t the place to break out a dance popularized by California Crip gang members. She knows it. That’s why she got embarrassed when asked by reporters to reveal the name of the dance.”

When asked about details for the dance by reporters afterwards, Serena remained relatively mum.

“Actually, there is a name,” she told reporters. “But I don’t know if . . . it’s inappropriate. It’s just a dance we do in California.”—Mark Lelinwalla