Nicki Minaj was reportedly booed by a Scotland crowd this past weekend after taking the stage 50 minutes late and only performing for a half hour for her scheduled T In The Park concert set.

The UK publication, The Sun, reports that it was even worse than that, as the Young Money princess allegedly hit the backstage crew with some major diva-like attitude.

One source told the UK publication that Nicki was annoyed that the grass surrounding her dressing room was too long and ordered that it was cut right then and there. “Nicki went off on one about the grass around her area, saying it was far too long for her to walk on. She threw a complete stop, pouting and pointing and asking someone to get a lawnmower to sort it out.”

In Nicki’s defense, the rap superstar seemed to be late to her scheduled set after a longer than usual airport check by the TSA.

“Pretty sure I was just overtly fondled @ this check point. By a very old lady w/an accent. Word?” Nicki tweeted Monday (July 9) after enduring the alleged mistreatment.

“There she go,” Nicki added, snapping a quick shot of TSA security. “So TSA always takes pics of me while doing their job! But wld u believe they just told ME EYE couldn’t take pics???? Wow.”

Still her excuse didn’t seem to sit well with fellow artists on the T In The Park bill.

British singer Frank Turner tweeted: “You can (I suppose) be a d*** to your own crew, you’re paying them. But everyone else? Not to mention the people out front. Ugh. To clarify: Nicki Minaj has been a selfish s**head to all the hard-working crew backstage at T. Pathetic. F*** off.”

From the sounds of things, Nicki has already moved on, though.

"The US leg of the Pink Friday tour begins July 16th in CHICAGO!" she tweeted Tuesday (July 10).—Jakinder Singh