CelebrityNetworth.com estimates that soon-to-be Real Housewives of Dallas star Deziree Ramirez is worth $16 million. So, how did the high school-dropout do it? One look at the hotelier and eight-time Playboy model and it’s clear that the odds were stacked in her favor from the start. But while she may like to pose nude in her free time, the beauty with family in the UK, Mexico and Iran is definitely more mogul than model. She gave XXLMag.com a peak at her hand and explained how going nude empowered her hustle and why at this point she’s just become ambitious out of boredom.—Calvin Stovall (@CalvinStovall)

XXLMag.com: What are your current hustles?

Deziree Ramirez: At the moment, I’m author of an international magazine. It’s entitled Fannatic, it’s a men’s interest publication. We’re located in over 36 states and 13 countries… I own a hotel out in Mexico. It’s a resort called Casa De Colores. We have private villas and we have 125 guest rooms. The villas are the only things that are open right now, the hotel itself opens in May. Other than that, I’m working on starting another clothing line. It’s going to market for women, men and kids… I’m doing a little bit of everything right now. And of course, modeling.

Housewives isn’t your first time flirting with the reality TV world. Why are you such a magnet for the reality spotlight?

A lot of people say, “You should be a reality TV star. You should get your story out there.” When anyone ever sees me, the first thing is just a stereotype. Like, “Damn, she’s hot. She’s sexy. I’m intimidated by her. ” But they don’t know that I’m really down to earth. I’ve had a family history of struggles. My grandfather was a famous designer for a women’s clothing line. They don’t know that I’m involved in a lot of different things. And they take interest in that I’m not just a pretty face. That I have a lot going on for myself and I’m a hard, dedicated worker.

How did Playboy come about?

I went to an audition for Playboy in 2003 and that was in Chicago. That’s when I felt, “Hey! You know what, I’m gonna leave all the fashion [modeling] behind and I really focused on feeling comfortable with myself and showing the world how sexy I can be. Being part middle-eastern, they don’t agree with [nude modeling]. So with me showing off my body and being comfortable and loving who I am and just being able to make sure each curve is captured with the camera, it was very appealing to me. So I moved from New York to L.A. and started getting gigs for TV shows and just more modeling.

It sounds like taking that leap and going nude really empowered you and your career.

Yeah, true. I totally agree with that. I got a call back about two months later and they were really interested in me for this special edition magazine which was "College Girls." So I appeared in Playboy’s “College Girls” (in 2003) and then after that I appeared in Playboy about eight times now.

“College Girls?” Were you in school at the time?

No. [Laughs] I was in between taking college and being an intern and still juggling a few things… I was taking fashion and I dropped out. A funny thing is, I actually didn’t graduate from high school.

What happened?

About three weeks before my high school graduation, my grandfather called me and said, “Hey! We have a slot open for an internship. I really want you to come and work.” He knew I was modeling and he knew that I loved fashion. But here’s the thing, it was a Friday and he was like, “You have to be here by Monday.” And I was like, “Oh my gosh! What the heck am I gonna do?” Of course, I wanted to graduate, but I didn’t wanna lose this opportunity. And I didn’t know, honestly, when another opportunity like this was gonna open. So I prayed, and I just took a flight to New York. I ended up getting my GED later, and then I enrolled into the Art Institute. I think everything worked out for the best.

Any plans to go back? Not that you need to…

No, not really. I really don’t want to go back. I hate school! [Laughs]

You’re about to be a married woman. [Editor's Note: Deziree reportedly broke up with her fiancé days after XXL spoke with her]

I am engaged. My fiancé, he is a former music producer. He was an in-house producer for Cash Money. We met through one of my friends. My friend, she is Deondra Sanders, Deion Sanders’ daughter.

Enough about your fiancé. I know you’ve got some crazy Primetime stories…

[Laughs] Yeah, I met Deion. I actually modeled with his soon to be ex-wife Pilar [Sanders]. I know the whole family really, really good.

What’s your grandfather’s role in your life? [Deziree’s grandfather founded upscale clothing line Cache]

He has influenced me a lot. Just to keep going no matter how much people try to bring you down. If you try to go after something and you feel that that’s your calling and it turns out to not be and you want to go somewhere else, just keep trying. Keep trying to open up that door. Eventually that door is gonna click and you’re gonna find what your heart desires. I really feel that because I’ve had a few businesses that I started that all went under. But the businesses that I have right now are doing really well. Of course, I do get bored once in a while and I want to start something else, but every single person should find their calling.

You get bored? Is that why you’re so ambitious?

Me being here in Texas, and the hotel is actually in Cancun, Mexico. It’s just like money rolling in the bank, and I haven’t been there for like two months now, so with that it's just I’m not involved in it as much as I want to be now. So it’s kind of boring now…

Gentlemen, she needs some entertainment…