Future has already collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Between his recent mixtape, Astronaut Status, last years' solo endeavor Streetz Calling and collaborative release Free Bricks alongside Gucci Mane, as well as select features, Future has worked with everyone from Drake to Rick Ross to Young Jeezy to T.I. Now, with his debut album, Pluto, set to drop on Epic Records in April, the 2012 XXL Freshman is about to add a few more notable names to that resume.

“I got this crazy record with Snoop [Dogg]; a crazy record with R. Kelly," Future revealed to XXLMag.com of big-name features he has with two of the game's most legendary figures.

He also spoke on another legend, the late Pimp C, and dished on a tribute for the UGK rapper that will appear on <em>Pluto</em>. "I got this crazy record with Trae Tha Truth from Houston, Texas--this tribute to Pimp C," the Atlanta native continued. "I’m making statements. I’m not doing features just to be doing them. When you hear the song, you gon' be like, ‘Oh, that sounds like Snoop is supposed to be on there. That sounds like R. Kelly. It sound like Trae Tha Truth. It sound like Houston. That’s what I’m about. I’m about creating, painting those pictures.”

The 26-year-old stressed that fans and critics shouldn't judge him simply off of his hit singles, of which he has a number that have made the Billboard charts their home. He plans to offer more than singles with the release. "Y’all gotta get the whole album before you even understand it," he continued. "I don’t wanna just be making songs. You already got 'Magic.’ I want you to expect the unexpected cause you gon' listen to songs like ‘Magic,’ ‘Tony [Montana]’ and ‘Same Damn Time’ and thinkin’ you already got the whole album. You gon' be thinkin’ that’s everything, but I’ma just hit you in your head with some shit out the left field you ain’t even think was gon' be on there."

Future's debut album, Pluto, will be available April 17.—Adam Fleischer