Tuesday night (Feb. 21), Taylor Gang soldiers released three new songs. One of them, "Cup," from Juicy J featuring Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods, was a remix of LoveRance's "Up!" The other two, though—"Home Run," with Chevy and Wiz, and "Morocco," which was Wiz on the solo tip—were produced by Sledgren. Each joint had people talking, and the producer took some time to explain to XXLMag.com how the records came about, and what to expect from Wiz's upcoming mixtape, Taylor Allderdice.

"I made both of those beats [Tuesday], and they recorded yesterday," Sledgren revealed to XXLMag.com. "I made 'em in my hotel and we came straight [to the studio]."

He also understood that the sound wasn't something that people necessarily expected from him, but the Pittsburgh native was happy about that. "People know me for a lot of samples and stuff, so I've been going for a sound that isn't a sample, and I try to change my drums up," he said. "I'm just trying to do different shit. When I was coming up, I used to watch producers that were tight, and I liked the ones that I couldn't define their sound. It was never easy to make a Timbaland beat or something like that. I just feel like a lot of other producers, it's kind of easy to mimc them, and I want to be one step ahead. If Wiz wouldn't have said [on Twitter that] I made that beat, people probably wouldn't have guessed it."

This is only the beginning of new Taylor Gang music, the 2011 XXL Freshman producer pick reminded. "Taylor Allderdice is finished. We're just waiting on that. That's the big project right now. We're tucking things for the album as we go along. There are actually things that were supposed to go on the album that's going on to the mixtape. Shit's definitely gonna be tight. I'm not sure of a release date for it."

The Pittsburgh native also said that, like with Wiz's breakout release, Kush & Orange Juice, he and Cardo will handle much of the production. "There's not that many songs on there," he continued. "I did kind of what I did for Kush & Orange Juice. But I think there might be one more song that's on there. It's like three songs, I believe, that I did. There's like three that Cardo did, and that's like over 50 percent of the production, is me and Cardo. It's not a part two [to Kush & Orange Juice], but these things never stop. It's just a continuation of that."

"Wiz's album, when he was going in, I had total block," Sledgro admitted. "I'm not even gonna lie. I wasn't submitting stuff. He was like, You ready for me? And I just didn't have what I felt I was supposed to give to him."

Now, though, they've got plenty of stuff in the stash. "Me and Wiz have probably about 20 tracks that aren't out that are new. I just want the world to hear that right now." —Adam Fleischer