Diddy was hospitalized in the wee hours of Monday morning (Feb. 13) with an extreme migraine, but is back at home and feeling better, TMZ has learned.

After hosting a post-Grammy party at the Playboy Mansion on Sunday night (Feb. 12), Diddy felt the full effects of the migraine, TMZ reported.

The celebrity gossip/news website said that the mogul’s entourage became so concerned that they drove him to the UCLA emergency room. A source also told TMZ that Diddy’s migraine wasn’t related to anything that occurred at the mansion. But he did take to his Twitter Monday (Feb. 13) to let everyone know that he's doing fine.

"Thanks for all the twitter love!" Diddy said, "I'm fine. I just had the craziest Migraine. I'm just sleeping it off now. Thank you. Love yall."

Although there’s no telling what exactly caused the migraine, Diddy was definitely having a good time at the Mansion, as his tweets only got more and more animated through the night.

“At my Playboy Mansion party…. Shit is crazy!!” Diddy first tweeted out to the masses on Monday morning. “Sending photo updates! STAY TUNED!!!”

He made good on his promises, tweeting out instagram photos and writing, “This is actually one of the HOTTEST parties I’ve ever thrown!! Right now at the Playboy Mansion!!!! Let’s goooooooo!!!!,” “Let it go!!!!!!” and “Best grammy party I ever threw!!!! Thanks for comin out yall” in three different messages."

Upon hearing the news of Diddy being hospitalized, 50 Cent lent words of support.

"Diddy in the Hospital In Los Angeles hope he alright," 'Fif tweeted. "I didn't like his last joint but he ain't no joke he been doing this for years."

The minor setback isn’t about to stop Diddy anytime soon, though. Just past 2:00p.m. EST, Diddy was back on his Twitter account tweeting in excitement about NBA All-Star Weekend, which is Feb. 24-26 in Orlando. —Jakinder Singh