Being charged with criminal copyright infringement and conspiracy isn’t about to stop the co-founder of Megaupload from dropping an album.

According to MTV Hive, Kim Dotcom, the co-founder of the recently seized online file sharing site, is prepping a full-length studio album.

“I work with the owner of Megaupload to release his upcoming album ... I'm coordinating that release," said Joseph ‘Papo’ Besson, who’s part of the production team responsible for the LP. "It is a phenomenal project. I am coordinating the logistics of the release, as well as consulting on the artwork. Printz Board is executing the vision that Kim has for this project to the letter.

“Kim is also pushing the limits with this project,” he continued. “He has some huge surprises for everyone. The mix of a musical genius in Printz and an actual genius in Kim Dotcom will be history in the making, I'm sure of it.'”

When the story of Megaupload’s government shutdown broke on Jan. 19, Swizz Beatz was linked to the company. However, it was later determined that Swizzy is not the CEO of the file-sharing website, but a source familiar to his situation did inform MTV News that the super producer is still seriously involved with the company.

The “Megaupload Mega Song” hit the net last week, featuring cameos from the likes of Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx, Floyd Mayweather, Game and Ciara. —Jakinder Singh