Now rap fans can put a face behind that sexy voice. Jessica Gomes—an Australian-born Super Illustrated supermodel with a Chinese mother and a Portuguese father—is one of the two women lending her voice to the drops on Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group's songs.  The second voice is that of fellow Australian model Cheyenne Tozzi. Here, chats with Jessica about the 2008 night in a New York City studio that led to the infamous intro to the Bawse and his signees's recordings, her modeling career and how she's flattered by the reception. —Mark Lelinwalla (@XXL_Mark) First of all, can you confirm that you are the voice behind the Maybach Music drop?

Jessica Gomes: Yes, I can confirm. It is me.

How did that come about?

It happened back in 2008. I was hanging out with some friends that were friends of Rick [Ross] and Jay. We were just hanging out, playing pool, listening to the music in a studio in New York and they were like, "I think you should say this on the song." It was an intro. I was with another friend and she says, "What is this?' and I say, 'Maybach Music' and she says, 'I like this Maybach Music' and then we both go, 'Sweeeet!' and both laugh. We're both Australian, so we have an accent. They've used the intro for all their songs. I didn't even know that it was going to be like this. It was a little conversation at the beginning of the song. It was just having fun. In the beginning I was even like, "Are you sure that's me?"

Wow, so there's actually two women lending their voice to MMG's intros?

Yes. Her name is Cheyenne Tozzi. She's a model as well.

So, this all started as a normal conversation and once Rick heard what y'all were talking about, he asked you to record it?

Yes. It was sort of a really spontaneous thing. It's not like I really know them personally, so it was sort of like random. I didn't even speak to them about it afterward. I'm not friends with them, so I didn't think anything of it at all. All of a sudden, it's gone crazy on Twitter. Everyone is saying, 'I heard you on the songs' and I haven't heard any of them. It's obviously very flattering, but it's also luck that I was there and he decided to use those words. It's really cool. I love hip-hop. I think people are interested because it's sort of adding another dimension to my personality as well because people now know I'm not just modeling.

Have you talked to Rick Ross since?

No, I haven't. I'm as shocked as everyone else is because I've been in Australia and stuff and haven't got the chance to hear his music. Now, I'm in the States, where hip-hop started, so I feel like I can listen to all his stuff. I listen to Jay-Z and Kanye. I love Nas, Common, Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, but I definitely need to listen to more Rick Ross. It's great he's using my voice.