With his sophomore album, Take Care, in stores this week, Drake stopped by Hot 97 yesterday (November 16) as part of his promotional run and chopped it up with Angie Martinez. Between discussions of long lines for signings and hi-tech showers, Drizzy discussed handling criticism and his plans to get back into acting.

"I kind of felt it before," the Toronto native said of the criticism he's felt regarding Take Care versus the backlash from his debut Thank Me Later. "I feel like the grace period of just strictly being new and exciting has passed. Now it's more about, OK, how long can you keep it up? It's tough, because sometimes I just want people to appreciate it for what it is."

Still, he makes sure to focus on the positive feedback, rather than the negative. "I get way more love than I do any of the other stuff."

One of the major knocks on the new album has been that it is too R&B heavy. Drake told Hot 97, though, that he's in a rapping zone right now, and that fans should expect more raps. "I'm hungry right now, as far as music goes," he said. "I’m right back in. I’m in attack mode right now. Songs are coming, ideas are coming, bars are coming and I feel like rapping a lot right now."

The 25-year-old, who first made his name on Canadian television show Degrassi also said that he plans on getting back into acting.

"I actually just signed with William Morris," the Young Money rhymer said. "Now that the album is out, I am trying to find the right role to begin... I’m not gonna play a rapper or a basketball player or something that's easy or predictable. I want to do something that will allow me to do something else. I might have to flex some skills." —Adam Fleischer