Mac Miller wants more. Yesterday (September 29), Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger (Remix)" featuring Christina Aguilera and the Pittsburgh MC, leaked. Though Mac is grateful to appear on a remix to the No. 1 song in the country, he wishes a video will be shot for the single.

“I hope so," Mac told XXL about plans to shoot a visual for the remix . "I just wannna go chill with Christina Aguilera, bro. The record is dope. I would love to shoot a video. That means a lot to me that [Maroon 5] would do that. They didn’t have to. And if there’s a video, that would be dope. So, if we put this out and, Adam, you read this, let’s do a video, bro."

Last week, XXL caught up with "Moves Like Jagger" producer Benny Blanco, who detailed how Mac landed a guest verse on the track.
“Well, here’s what happened. You know I’ve been down with Mac a while ’cause I’m down with [Mac's label] Rostrum [Records],” he says. “And so I was actually sitting with one of my homies, Zvi [Edelman, vice president of A&R at Atlantic], he’s the dude that signed Wiz [Khalifa]. We were listening to it. I was like, ‘Yo, who could we put on this song?’ ’Cause, we were trying to get someone to do a remix. I was like, ‘I know exactly who,’ because I just put Mac on another remix.

As previously reported, the single will be available on iTunes October 4. —Carl Chery