It’s been a while since rap fans have heard from former Bad Boy artist G. Dep, due to a longtime battle with drug addiction. Back on his feet, the Harlem rapper came up to XXL offices yesterday (September 22) for a live interview, where he opened up about his struggles with PCP and how a recent stint in rehab set him on the right track.

The Child of the Ghetto MC told XXL that he decided to go to rehab last June after his problems with angel dust got so bad that “bodily harm was being done.”

“Sometime it take you to get really hit by a car…to go to the garage,” he explained comparing his issues to a car accident. [Watch Below]

Dep said that the professionals working in the care center provided him the strict guidance that was necessary for him to get sober. “The rehab thing was a big factor in me getting better in that whole situation,” he shared. “For me, I might have lost just the natural ability with what you need to do, so I had to see the words written down, and look at those 12 steps and that brought me back to reality. Because sometimes…unless it shoved down your throat or just in your face for a period of time that’s what takes for you to really understand what you dealing with.”

Dep recently released his first album since his 2001 debut titled Ghetto Legend, available now on iTunes. —Elan Mancini