Foxy Brown is still taking shots at her longtime rival Lil Kim along with former ally Jay-Z.

On her new track “Let Em Know,” Foxy recycles a diss made about Kim’s appearance on the ABC series Dancing with the Stars on the song “Off the Muscle” that surfaced in November. “I’d rather be in the club at the bar/Then go disrespect my hood, by dancing with the stars… I’m BK’s Don Diva, give the whole hood face lifts/G’wan I fix your face bitch.”

The Brooklyn MC when on to dead rumors about her involvement with Rick Ross, Nas, and AZ while exposing her affair with Jigga, spitting “The streets talking, got the hood going crazy/Niggas heard I fucked with Ross and had the nigga baby/They said I fucked with Nas and now they say it’s AZ/But on the low, the real nigga was Jay-Z.”

And just for good measure she name checked a few key femcees, "I cancel all you broads, dismantle all you broads/Stomp a print in my Miu Miu sandals on you broads/Slap a bitch on her back like I’m John Cena/Fuck that, I ain’t Eve, I ain’t Kim, I ain’t Trina."

Although it's unclear what project this song was intended for, if any, it's been rumored that Foxy, who hasn't released a hit album since 2008's indie disc Brooklyn's Don Diva, is working on an album for this year. —Brooklyne Gipson