Rapper Brisco was robbed at gunpoint last week in a Miami barbershop.

According to the Miami Herald, the robbers made off with the Florida rapper’s Range Rover and jewelry. But contrary to previous reports, Brisco denies being pistol-whipped.

Contrary to some reports, I was not assaulted in the robbery that took place yesterday,” Brisco said in a statement to XXLMag.com, via his representative. “It was a random robbery of a barbershop I was in and it really is just a case of me being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The Herald reports that four men entered the barbershop midday last Wednesday (July 29), including three who were brandishing handguns. The men demanded Brisco’s car keys and more than $35,000 in jewelry—including a yellow-gold diamond watch, a bracelet, and a chain. They also took a Louis Vuitton wallet and more that $1,000 in cash.

Three shots were fired, but no one was struck.

Police recovered the abandoned Range Rover about a mile away, yet the robbers remain at large. –John Kennedy