T.I. and Shawty Lo may have squashed their feud, but there's definite tension between the respective crews. Gyantscoop reports that a fight broke out between Grand Hustle and members of Lo's crew at the Dirty Awards in Atlanta last night (11/25).

Sources say things got heated when Shawty Lo performed "Don't I," a diss version of Grand Hustle artist Young LA's "Ain't I" in front of the Grand Hustle crew. The self-proclaimed "Grand Hustle Muscle" Alfamega then lost his cool and threw a chair onto the stage. Yung L.A. and other GH artists then reportedly rushed the stage, but cops quickly intervened.

Moments later, Tip took the stage to accept an award and pleaded for he and Lo to squash their feud during the acceptance speech. Tip's plea apparently fell on deaf ears. Another altercation took place while Tip and GH performed "Ain't I." [Watch Video Here]

-Marvin Brandon