I have to say, I’m was feeling the concept of this mixtape. From the get-go, Fif goes into retro mode with the Southside flow that ended Murder Inc.’s reign. But what also helped the cause was the return of his confident/charismatic persona that carried him from the mixtape game through his first album…then got lost in his gangsta persona thereafter.

Taking popular music from the '80s and remaking them to fit his style (This is what made him such a monster in the mixtape game in the first place), 50 racks up some A-Rod type hits. The laid back “Cruising Music” can blast out the speakers and have you floating on an empty freeway. Or the stoop bumpers, “I’m Rising To The Top” and “My Heart.”

But while Fif had a dope notion, he lacked the execution. Taking hot joints from the past decades and giving them the G-Unit treatment, tt’s worked for him in the past, but why not now? Mostly because some of the songs he chose are just plain corny. They classic, no doubt, but just sound corny with 50 on it. “Don’t Stop 50’s Music” (Don’t Stop The Music" by Yarbrough & Peoples), “I Wanna Be Your Favorite” ("I Wanna Be Your Lover" by Prince), and especially “My Name Ring Bells” ("Ring My Bell" by Anita Bell ) are gonna put this man’s sexuality under extreme scrutiny. But he’s probably used to that by now, what with him smuggling raisins on that GQ cover and the release of those much-questioned G-Unit tank tops.

Hottest Joint: "Cruising Music"

Weakest Joint: "My Name Ring Bells"