DJ Whoo Kid & Bishop Lamont: The Confessional

Everyone knows that Dr. Dre has a knack for signing artists and then droppin’ them off a few blocks away from their home like a shorty that refuses to sing on the mic. We’ve seen it happen to Hitman, Brooklyn, and Joe Beast. But if Dre drops my nigga Bishop from Aftermath, I’m gathering my crew’s street paper and creating a label to throw behind the god.

The Confessional is official tissue. And I don’t mean that tissue you wipe ya ass with. I’m talking about that tissue you hustle on the block for, na’mean. That “Brawny” shit. Tough shit.

G-status, from beginning to end, Bishop showed and proved why he’s a strong contender for the "King of L.A." title. Tight rhymes, sick flows and his ability to adjust his style to different beats gives him the coveted triple crown that most MC’s only dream of.

What stood out on this mixtape was Bishop’s ability to switch up the tone of his voice to compliment the flow that inflicted more damage on these beats than mudslides in Central America do to the villagers. From the laid back tone and smooth flow he used to say "You go to war with me I’ll blow you hood up in the air / yeah, heavy metal make you fall out boy / rock & roll, lock & load, spray y’all whole convoy,” (Whew!) on “City Light” (the hook to this was off the meatrack!) to the higher pitched with the banana flow on “Guerilla Pimpin.’”

“Send A Nigga Home” got that hardcore thump that’ll make live niggas beat down wannabe thugs like is was Freshman Day in high school. (Ahh, good times).

And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel bad hearing Busta scream “Aftermath’s my family, nucca!” on that killa joint, “Kissing The Curb.” Jimmy did Busta dirty, dunn! Poor kid. Treated him like a dread headed stepchild. Just disowned him.

Anyway, I’m I glad I was feeling this joint. Cause if I wasn’t y’all know I’d sh*t on it and probably end up having Bishop come to Brooklyn to G-Check like he did DJ “Tanga.” Bendito.

LA stand up! The heir to y’all throne is taking court.

Hottest Joint: Tie between “Send A Nigga Home” & “City Light”

Weakest Joint: "Donkey Kong Savage"