david-banner1.jpgMississippi native, David Banner, debuted his Adult Swim cartoon, That Crook'd Sipp, this past Sunday (May 13) on the Cartoon Network. The show is set in Mississippi and focuses on the Beauregards, a white family from the 1800's trying to integrate into today's society. Banner plays the main character, Virgil, who is an entrepreneur and manager of a hip-hop group, the Sweat Tea Monsters. All of the show's story lines are loosely based around Banner's own experiences. "I have always loved Adult Swim cartoons, especially The Boondocks," says Banner. "There are messages to be heard within the humorous storylines of series like these and this one will be no different. There are things that need to be talked about in our communities and when you're dealing with a lot of young, black males, they're angry. I felt that by addressing some of the issues whilst making them laugh, might get the point across more effectively." While That Crook'd Sipp is an animated series, it's not geared towards children. "Around the rest of the world, cartoons are definitely not just for children and I think that is slowly becoming the case in the U.S. as well," Banner says. "This cartoon contains very adult themes, which is why it is airing so late at night and on Adult Swim." In case you missed the pilot of That Crook'd Sipp you can view the entire episode online at the Adult Swim website.