rawkus_logo.gifRawkus Records will offer 50 up and coming artists a unique opportunity to kick start their careers with their recently announced Rawkus 50 program. Through the program, the label will select 50 artists they feel are best suited to represent the label and provide them with "the consistent marketing efforts of the founders of Rawkus Records." The label is looking for artists that are unsigned, but who have a respectable presence on Myspace and video content website's such as Youtube. Slopfunkdust, the content manager for the program commented, "When have you ever heard of a respectable record label accepting unsolicited material from the general public? I could send my demo to Def Jam, but it's just gonna end up on someone’s floor. The Rawkus guys are loading up their IPODs and listening to submissions like mad men. This is the perfect opportunity for that one guy, that's been recording albums in his basement and posting his videos on Youtube."

Artists selected for the program will receive internet marketing and promotion, national full page print campaigns in trusted hip-hop magazines, blog and podcast hosting and the opportunity to perform at Rawkus sponsored showcases in New York and Los Angeles. Potential candidates must submit a minimum of ten mastered songs for an album to be marketed by Rawkus. Submissions can be sent to Slop Funk Dust's attention at music@rawkus.com.