Seems to me black folks have gotten a little too comfy. I don’t know if it’s because we have gained the right to snatch a mic out of a young white woman’s hands and say some ole off-the-wall shit or if it’s because we have half-dibs on the current president and the world’s best golfer. (You better know Tiger’s black for the first time, LOL).

Everybody knows that good, clean white golfers know better. They pay their jumpoffs upfront. (Shouts to former Gov. Spitzer! I support paying to play over a Superhead set up any day).

My real point is this though, WE HAVE NOT OVERCOME! If you say "But we have Oprah, Barack, Bob Johnson, Kobe, Shaq, blah, blah, blah," I’m going to laugh until I crap myself.

We have always had a small percentage of rich blacks. Even in slavery there were free and some wealthy blacks; some even slave owners themselves. After Reconstruction we had Madam C.J. Walker, Alonzo Herndon, Jack Johnson and even black politicians and educated elite. So the fact that we have people who meet these qualifications is nothing special or even new.

After I gather myself, I will wipe the tears from my eyes and regain breath control. I will ask you these questions: How many black-owned gas stations are in your ‘hood? How many black beauty supply stores do black women frequent in your community? How many black-owned apartments and/or housing suburbs developed by black developers are you aware of? Do you live in one? Do you know where your local black grocery store is? Is there even one in your city? If you are a middle-of-the-mall baller, what nationality is your jeweler? Is the sneaker store you buy your new kicks from owned by blacks? How many of your most basic purchases involve black vendors? (The weed man doesn’t count).

In case y’all are wondering, “What’s the purpose Mike?” The purpose is simple: It’s to get niggas off their asses and on some “Bigga shit.”

Small business is the “Bigga shit” I’m referring to. As recently as 50 years ago, blacks owned these things in their communities and the farms that produced some of the goods too. Check it. We had no choice; segregation made it that way.

I see the Spanish, Asians, East Indians and Arabs self-segregating, building their own communities, and consolidating political power based on their economic power and the big donations they make to both parties. Well let us examine where they are getting that money from. They own many of those businesses I described in the above paragraph. These businesses are using the dollars made from black communities to influence politicians to do what is best for their communities.

They will never, nor should they, commit monies to recreation centers or educational initiatives in the black community. Why would or should they? They don’t live there. They own homes in other communities. With the exception of taxes paid in regards to their business, no money given by blacks in these communities remains in their communities to help them.

In the words of an old black church song my grandma would sing to me as a child, “If I die and my soul be lost, ain’t nobody fault but mine.” If these other communities can use your community as a trap to get money and build their own legacy and blacks let them, it’s nobody’s fault but ours, which brings me to my real point... I supported Barack Obama but not to simply feel good and say, “Oh we have a black president.” I supported him to the extreme of writing and using a song called “Pressure” as my first single from “Pledge II” [Watch Below] to bring awareness to the fact that many Black Caucus members were not supporting him. He got elected, and I’m off that.

Now I find myself in line with the Black Caucus- Our president must provide greater help for small black business owners. I hold him and his administration personally accountable because I gave my support and vote.

I know the only way to stifle the alternative economy of drugs in the black male population is to provide jobs and business opportunities. Bankhead, Adamsville, East Atlanta, Old Fourth Ward, Simpson Road, Gresham Road, Auburn Avenue, and other Atlanta areas you hear me, Jeezy, T.I., Gucci, and Luda rap about, were economically controlled by blacks who lived in those communities. Now they are just traps for people from other communities to come set up shop, get paper and leave. SMH.

Our true “overcoming” will not happen in a presidential office, Senate seat or even another black mayor. (Congrats to Atlanta Mayor-elect Kasim Reed.) It will happen at self-owned bodegas, grocery stores, beer and wine stores, builders, banks and beauty supply stores because they are in the community and that dollar helps instantly if the owners are there too. Think about it!

‘Til next week when I put up new music and leaks, find a black professional dentist, doctor, banker or business/store to support, and spend some money with them. Fin. -It’s Bigga.