Getting over your ex-girlfriend is never easy, but Will Peters and Dice Soho make it sound that way on "Nah Nah," a smooth new track.

Featuring mellow piano, laid-back percussion and spurts of breezy flutes, the new cut finds Peters and Soho, that latter of which XXL profiled for The Break last year, putting their exes in the rearview mirror.

"You gon' try to link up with me, I'ma tell you nah/Don't be trying to see me baby, I'ma tell you nah/If they asking if I seen you, I'ma tell 'em nah/Do I still love you? Nah, nah, nah, nah," sings Peters, who's signed to Pitbull's Mr. 305 imprint.

For his part, Soho turns in some solid bars on the last verse on the track. "I ain't even worried 'bout it/I ain't thinking 'bout you no more/You left a nigga so low/Now my new bitch neck rose gold," spits Soho, putting his ex in the past.

If Peters and Soho sound like they've got a lot of chemistry, it's probably because they do; they've known one another since they were kids.

Hailing from Angie, La., the 30-year-old Peters had been putting in work primarily as a songwriter. Now, he's trying to leave a more obvious imprint on the game.

"Even though my name is on songs by Austin Mahone, Pussycat Dolls, J Sutta and Pitbull, who signed me, I just now started releasing music under my own name," Peters says. "Gotta build up a demand for Will Peters before I give em an album. It’s coming though." Word.

Listen to Will Peters' "Nah Nah" below. Check out Soho's new single, "Giraffe," when you're done.

WillPeters__ via SoundCloud
WillPeters__ via SoundCloud

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