Just about two months removed from dropping his No Mountains in Manhattan album, Wiki returns with a new visual for "Stickball," his fourth video supporting the project.

The visual was shot in black and white and finds Wiki and company playing stickball as he raps about the politics of the rap game. The Matt Lubansky-directed video renders a mock game of stickball—baseball's precursor—into a perfectly old school experience, as the game takes place right in the middle of the street. It almost looks like it could be a couple of scenes out of Ron Howard's Cinderella Man, or a few other films chronicling New York City life 100 years ago. The visuals fit in perfectly well with the song's minimalist, NOLIFE-produced beat.

"The label say that they want me/Tell me that they can sell me/I ain't a product, I produce honest shit/Using wise guy talk and ebonics/Using some chronic/To get me to the level where I only settle for the rawest/The flaws what makes it flawless," Wiki spits.

Wiki's latest video marks a continuation of what's been a busy year for the rapper. Wiki signed a solo deal with XL Recordings around the time he dropped his "Pretty Bull" video, and he's about to embark on a nationwide tour. See the dates below, and peep the documentary he made for his five-borough NYC tour as well.

Watch his "Stickball" video below.


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