Wifisfuneral is one of the brightest young MC in hip-hop today. The Florida spitta slows things down to talk his talk on his "Antisocial Club" single. Over the Sly Drexler-produced beat, Wifisfuneral raps about his come up and the twist and turns he's encounter.

"Can't fuck around with these bitches/Business been around suspiciously/And i can't trust these niggas/Let alone let that fuck shit get to me/So i just know my soul to the painful revenge i get oh best believe/It's 949242 when you sit right back and you know these things/23 with wedding rings, 19 with wedding dreams/And these niggas think i'm a feather weight/But they can't last 3 seconds in the ring," he raps.

The 19-year-old Puerto Rican rapper is not only one of the best rappers in Florida right now, he's also getting major love online and from his peers like Earl Sweatshirt. Listen to Black Heart Revenge if you're looking to get familiar with him.

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