Okay, so we all know that Karrine “Superhead” Steffans served as the jump-off (no pun intended) to the current rapper-groupie trend. She may have been the first employee of note to solicit “business deals” with some of rap's biggest names (Ja Rule, DMX, Diddy, Dr. Dre, Shaq), but Andrea “Kat Stacks” Herrera has been dedicated to making sure layoffs don’t exist in that career.

Kat Stacks is utterly popular for much more than her sexual abilities. In fact, I’m not too sure that we’ve actually heard about her skills in the bedroom. But we do know that she is orally talented (although not the most literate) because she’s clearly never had a problem indulging in verbal exposition. It’s no secret that her career is built on public hateration and verbal exposes about her sexual conquests, so the million-dollar question is, why are people still messin’ with her?

Perhaps Kat’s adorable dimples and contagious laugh made their way into our hearts when her alleged relationships with the likes of Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Nelly, Young Money and Fabolous surfaced earlier this year. Then, Young City, aka Chopper from Making Da Band, popped up, but he clearly didn’t seem to mind the chaos. And months after all the callouts and Twitter threats made their way into our homes and became part of our daily entertainment, none other than Waka Flocka Flame decided to add himself to the list.

Have we not learned our lesson, yet?

Guess not, as even Denver Nugget 'Melo decided to put his name on her roster of haters when he placed a $5,000 check on her head for anyone that would slap the sh*t out of her. (Oh, wait, I forgot … someone hacked into his Twitter account, so it was another perpetrator that actually put the hit out).

Whatever the case I don't get it. It's like Kat's a drug, the new little blue pill that hit New York in the 80’s, because it seems like despite her reputation everyone in the industry addicted. Nelly called her out on the radio, Fab put her on blast on Twitter, and now Twista is rumored to be helping Kat with her rap career, wwwhhhyyy???

Until I have that answer I’m thoroughly enjoying the WSHH videos that get posted weekly and the random implementations of Mama Stacks here and there. But while the debauchery continues I gotta ask another question; when can we expect the tell-all book Sloren Hill (I must credit that one to Mr. Samuel) has been clamoring about since day one? And is it just me or is anyone else wondering why DEFAX or ACS hasn’t stepped in to acquire Baby Stacks yet…that child is quite possibly destined for industry damnation.

Kat, you’re employment can only last so much longer, so who’s next? —Amber McKynzie

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