It’s hilarious that Joe Budden is acting like an asshole while defending himself against public perception he believes unfairly paints him as… well… an asshole.

We’ve touched on the ills of living for the camera before. Joe Budden’s camera addiction still has yet to yield any positive return. However, in a discussion with Glasses Malone and Joell Ortiz, Budden suggests that viewers should not judge him until they meet him. That’s funny, because the only viewers who will ever meet Joe Budden are the strippers, groupies and prostitutes he can’t stop tricking off on in the green room.

That’s not gossip or slander. I learned as much from Budden’s UStream channel... via RerrlStar... and blogs that are equally intrigued/disturbed by Joey's behavior.

It’s one thing when fans judge artists based on their music. Sometimes they make unfair judgments about an artist based on the content of his art. However, when someone offers real-time access to every Newport puff and nut scratch, they’ve provided enough material for viewers to infer an opinion on character and personality. It’s not like people think Joe Budden is an asshole because they don’t like his punchlines, i.e.: Chino XL wayyyyy back in the mid 90s. They think he’s an asshole because they get to hear asshole commentary and witness asshole behavior first-hand on a daily basis.

[Blogger’s Note: I rocked Here to Save You All until the tape popped. But some of that shit was out of bounds, even by hater standards.]

Assholery is a parent illness to douchebaggery. However, much like Baduizm, they are both treatable conditions. An intervention, such as Ortiz and Malone’s misguided attempt, may be helpful to a mild Assholery Douchebaggery and Allied Diseases (ADAD) sufferer. I don’t condone or endorse violence, but sometimes your asshole or douchebag needs to get punched about the face to realize the error of his ways. In other, more severe cases, they may need to learn from harsh life experiences. These scenarios may include but not be limited to: general isolation, loss of spouse or significant other, reduced productivity at the workplace.

Being an asshole isn’t always a career-threatening condition. There are plenty of fans who absolutely adore the shit. [Blogger’s Note: Visit Kanye West’s blog.] Some just can’t wait to be disrespected, kinda like that girlfriend you knew was broken before you made her your main chick. You knew she wasn’t so good at making eye contact and thought, “Yep! That’s the one! We’re gonna be on the Maury show one day!” He really should channel the portion of his defense where he calls “the general fan” “a dickhead, and an asshole.” Having that level of respect for the people who put the cropdusted haze in your Dutch Master is an awesome business practice, especially for a struggling independent artist who things UStream will make him a star again.

Sorry. Joey doesn't think he was ever a star. That may be one thing he's right about. I guess that's a matter of *gasp* public opinion.

A primary component of being an asshole or a douchebag is a general lack of bearing and self-awareness. I just find it funny that a man who elects to be watched 23 hours out of a day doesn’t get to look very closely at himself. With that said, Budden shouldn’t be so worried about what people think of him if he’s going to make his life public domain as if it were his art.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Give a fuck what a nigga thinks about you?