It’s been three days since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy made its way onto the Internets, and for the most part I’ve seen more positive praise than negative backlash from the rest of the world who found a copy. I’m actually quite interested in hearing the album myself, but because the version that sprang a leak is a clean, edited copy I’m choosing against listening to it until the dirty version “drops.” [1] After years upon years of hearing – and sometimes saying – nearly every curse word, epithet and insult imaginable, I just can’t see myself listening to a rap album with bleeps, blank spots or reverse scratches.

Unless the edits are done by DJ Premier. But we all know how I stan for that guy.

If anything, Kanye should take solace in that the music world stills accept him despite his on-camera antics. Instead, he’s flipping out on the Twitter whenever the words “Taylor,” “Bush,” “Swift” or “George” escape from the mouth of whomever is interviewing him. I get it, though: a few “controversial” [2] moments such as bum-rushing an awards show stage or essentially saying what most people thought about our former president on national television, and the popular media will butcher and bludgeon you with it until the day you die. At the same time, Kanye should expect these topics to always come up during interviews. So when Matt Lauer decided to incorporate all four of those words into his interview with ‘Ye on The Today Show, Kanye should have already been prepared to answer them. I mean, isn't that what having a public relations team is all about?

Kanye, being the rapping maverick he is, flips out during the show, and later on the Twitter, when pressed about George W. Bush’s comments on his infamous Katrina telethon rant. I mean, I can understand why Kanye would spaz, because at its core it the questions about that incident could be perceived as offensive to him. At the same time, though, think about it: the 43rd President of the United States said that one of the “worst points” during his time running the country into the ground was when Kanye alluded (not called, there’s a clear difference) to him being a racist.

Not the egregious mishandling of the Katrina incident, which prompted Kanye’s emotional (and unprofessional, mind you) response.

Not 9/11, and the subsequent “wars on terrorism” in Iraq that many of us really don’t know what its true purpose was.

Not the Valerie Plame incident.

Hell, not even when his Vice President shot a septuagenarian in the face while hunting quail then tried to cover the whole thing up, which would make the average person wary about what that administration did when they were actually on the job.

Nope, none of these. According to Bush, one of his term’s lowest points was when Kanye West alluded to (not calling) him being a racist.

Really? You mean to tell me that Kanye West saying “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” next to a befuddled Mike Myers is quite possibly worse than any of the other fuckeries – spoken and unspoken – that went down during the Bush administration? Word?

In my opinion Kanye should just fall back on this one and focus on the music. This latest “promotional” push is nearing 50 Cent levels of absurdity, and he should just focus on the music and music alone. Not Taylor, not Matt Lauer, and certainly not George Bush.

[1] Just as I finish this post, the dirty version pops up. Nice.

[2] This word is as played out as “swag” and all its accompanying variations.