If Jesus were around today he would have been a radio personality/DJ. I want you to understand exactly what I just said so I will repeat it again. Jesus would have been a radio personality/DJ.

How did I come to this conclusion? Well, Jesus was a public servant. He is an example of a man who truly came to serve. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan says, “We should not want public office or positions of power so that we can become big shots. We should want public office and positions of power so that we can serve.”

Jesus himself said, "He who would be great among you, let him be your servant."

What would Jesus do if he was a jock? He would be a public servant. He would serve the needs of the people. If you're a radio personality/DJ and you don't feel that you are a public servant then you need to do us all a favor and dress like Bin Laden and go running up to the White House with a backpack on screaming JIHAD! The people have needs, so those of us in service are only good if we can use our power to satisfy the needs of those whom we serve.

Let's be clear, we all know the radio personality/DJ game is a thankless business. The hours are long and the money is short. Most of us probably wouldn't be doing it if we didn't have a genuine love for what we do.

Think about the headaches you go through when dealing with program directors who don't even live the lifestyle. Think about having to compete with other radio personalities and DJs who are so far outside the demographic you are targeting that they think Day 26 is a four-week weight loss program guaranteed to have you 20 pounds lighter on the 26th day. Even worse, they think Shawty Lo is an artificial sweetener for young kids with diabetes.

I ask Mass Communication majors all the time, "Are you getting involved with radio because you have a genuine love for the game?" "Do you want to be involved because you have a genuine need or desire to make the lives of others better?" If not, then I would strongly suggest another profession; something that does not have you directly affecting the lives of the people that hear you on a daily basis.

I know there are some radio personality/DJs out there right now saying, "Man Charlamagne sit your ass down somewhere, I'm just here to collect my little piece of a paycheck and keep it moving." Well, my friend, that is why your ratings suck. That is why you still don't have that shift you wanted at the station. That is why no one is returning your calls about that air check you sent out. That is why you can't get any more than $200 to spin at a party and that is why the streets of the city you are in don't f**k with you. The reason is because you have not embraced the divine position that God has put you in, the position of public servant.

A lot of times we get caught up in our own hype and we stop serving the needs of the people. We start thinking it's all about us. DJs play what they want to hear or what they’re feeling instead of really checking the pulse of the city and seeing what the people want to hear. I know DJs that won't play local records that are smash hits on the radio just because the artist hasn't personally come to holla at them and rub their balls.

Message to those DJs: Your purpose in life will only be found in service to others and in being connected to something far greater than your punk ass ego. And you wonder why local artist want to fight your ass now. It's called karma from not doing your divine duty as a public servant.

I also have an issue with DJs who don't play records because they are directly affiliated with certain crews. DJ Khaled shouldn't stop playing G-Unit music just because they have issues with Fat Joe. Now they have thrown Khaled into the so-called beef, but that is only because Khaled chose sides and stopped playing G-Unit music. It's the same thing with Whoo Kid. He shouldn't stop playing Fat Joe's records because Joe has a so-called beef with 50. When you start getting caught up like that, you as a DJ are totally abandoning the needs of the people.

You mean to tell me no one has called Khaled's show and requested a G-Unit record? No one has called Whoo Kid and requested a Fat Joe record? I'm sure they have and when these DJs don't play the records because they can't swallow their false sense of pride to serve the needs of the people what does that listener do? They switch stations. That listener goes somewhere where their needs can be served.

Law 20 in the 48 Laws of Power says, "Do not commit to anyone, it is the fool who always rushes to take sides. Do not commit to any side or cause but yourself." If you are a truly a public servant committing to yourself or your cause is not a problem because your cause is to serve the needs of the public and not the needs of the crew you wear on a chain around your neck. Whenever you DJs and radio personalities get put in a situation where you have to make a decision between your ego and the needs of the people simply ask yourself, "What would Jesus do if he was a jock?"

If Jesus was in New York spinning in a club or on the radio and he knew that the people where demanding Southern music, he wouldn't purposely play hours of everything else and only do a 15 minute Southern set—especially when those 15 minutes where the only time the club got live. Jesus would serve the needs of the people because a true public servant comes to serve!

When it comes to being a radio personality/DJ there are forces greater than your ego that are always at work. Do you think Jesus would get caught up in radio station beef? Jocks not talking to other jocks in the streets because they work at rival stations. I hate to see jocks throwing shots at each other because anything can and will happen in this business and that jock you are dissing could be your co-worker one day or better yet your boss!

Malcolm X was a public servant and so was Martin Luther King Jr. You never saw them dissing each other even though they didn't agree with each other's approaches. Do you know why? Because even with different approaches they where fighting for the same cause. That cause was the betterment of those who needed it, a cause we are still fighting for today. Instead of throwing shots at each other and fighting for positions in the ratings, radio stations should be coming together and devising ways to make the city you are in the best city it can possibly be.

What would Jesus do if he was a jock? That is the question. Jesus would use his platform to teach. He would give the people food for thought to digest. I know every day I approach the mic I make it my duty to give the people a jewel. I make it my duty to plant a seed in someone's brain. P.E.A.C.E. can be an acronym for Please Educate Allah's Children's Everyday! That is why you come on the radio six days a week—damn near every day—because God is giving you a chance to teach and that is the duty of a public servant!

I encourage all radio personalities/DJs to get on your job. The people in the city you are in need you. Stop going to the station just to collect a check. God put you in the position you are in for a reason. You have the power to change lives. There is a reason they call it radio programming. You are psychologically programming people's mental states through the radio.

DJs, those BDS spins mean the world to an artist! You can single handedly change someone's life by simply playing a record enough times! Don't abuse your power, people! If you have any doubts about your position, simply ask, "What would Jesus do if he was a jock?" The answer to that question lies in service to the public.

Charlamange tha God