Where ya azz was at when that new Future and Drake project What A Time To Be Alive dropped? That might be one of the questions of the year, as far as rap music is concerned, if the recently announced project lives up to the ridiculous hype. What A Time To Be Alive will premiere tonight on OVO Sound Radio on Beats 1 at 6 p.m. and drop at 8 p.m. through Apple Music and iTunes. Though the project was apparently kept on the low from the prying public for some time now, Future recently released some behind-the-scenes footage, via a short video on his Instagram page.

In the brief clip, the Astronaut Kid and the 6 God discuss coupe of finally putting the project into fruition. "Damn, we never, ever thought this would happen," says Future Hendrix. "That's the best part," adds Drizzy.

"This shit shouldn't have ever happened. Who let it happen?" adds Future as Aubrey laughs in the background. In one shot, Future can be seen in the booth laying down a verse while Drake mills around in the studio. In another shot, Drake zones out while listening to their work in progress.

Are you pouring up in anticipation, yet?

Drake released the project's shiny cover art yesterday, which is reportedly a stock photo, keeping with the theme of Future's Dirty Sprite 2 cover. Still yet to be revealed is the tracklist which the duo might hold out on until the ultimate final reveal.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage, below.