Wale has a bone to pick with video vixen Rosa Acosta. The DC rapper traded insults with the curvaceous model over the weekend after the Heineken Red Star Access Presents Roc Nation concert in Philadelphia.

It all started when Acosta, who was hosting the event last Friday (August 12), criticized Wale’s performance.

“@Wale went into the crowd and some security had to save him #CreativeIdeaFail #RedStarAccess (sic),” she tweeted.

“@RosaAcosta how bout I couldn't move..do u have any fans, or a bunch of niggas that wanna fuck u following u,” the Maybach Music Group member retaliated. “If ur talent is ur areola....then u don't deserve an opinion. Don't submit ur opinion to the public. ur talent doesn't require a voice. We listen 2 REAL women in 2011 , not industry slides (sic)”.

The two then exchanged a slew of insults. “I will only get into a twitter beef with you if you have 2 million + followers so zzzzzz,” she tweeted, dismissing his comments. “On a real note for somebody that supposedly got "bars" those tweets were real wack and sensitive (sic),” she added.

She later tweeted: “Woke up to be [trending topic], thousands of views on my site, calendar sales on my online store and new bookings #WereYouTryingToHurtMeorHelpMe? (sic)”

The More About Nothing rapper then told the vixen she should thank him for the publicity, saying the “15 minutes of notoriety” were his early Christmas gift to her.

“Rosa u owe me 15% i made u hot my nigga ..” he tweeted. “At least she made money off bein a slide rose ah costya (sic).”

This isn’t the first Twitter beef Wale has had with a female. Last May, the former XXL freshman had a war of words with novelist/poet and alleged ex-mistress of Osama Bin Laden, Kola Boof..

Wale is currently prepping his forthcoming mixtape, ElevenOneEleven set to drop as soon as he reaches one million followers. As of press time he is only 95 followers away from achieving his goal.

“Eleven one eleven is retarded,” he wrote, “lyrics on one thousand ..I promise u (sic).” —Rachelle Jean-Louis