As if the hip-hop community's sentiments toward GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump weren't clear enough, three Baltimore locals have released a rap song and video slamming Trump. Titled “CIT4DT” (or "choppa in the trunk, for Donald Trump"), rappers Dooley, Tlow and Lor Roger come at Trump from all angles, dissing the business owner turned politician and advising him not to visit B-more lest he get hit with a shovel. Since uploading, the song and video have gained some viral intrigue online.

The Baltimore Sun's Wesley Case correctly identifies the beat as Detroit rapper Rocaine's "Chicken Chicken" and with lyrics like "Boy, ain't even white, you yellow/You say you'd date your own daughter, you a sicko," City Paper reporter Brandon Soderberg says, "None of this, mind you, is all that much more offensive than the shit Trump himself has been saying and it's way more entertaining."

According to Billboard, the video has already amassed 270,000 hits on WorldStar, with the above YouTube link receiving 62,000 views in less than a week. None of the three are musicians, with Dooley, born Abdel Ibrahim, telling Case, "We dropped that video for fun. It blew up like crazy, and everyone was like, ‘Make the song for real!' I’m not no rapper though. I do comedy videos.” And later, Ibrahim, who is Muslim, says, "We didn't mean no harm by it. We don't got no damn chopper! My religion says don't even kill. I wouldn't kill an innocent fly."

Watch the video up top and check out our list of other rappers who have dissed Trump below.

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