Young M.A helped kick off the Boiler Room's new series The Remedy last month. The rising star performed her hit single "OOOUUU," among other tracks, in New York during a 20-plus minute set accompanied by Just Blaze.

According to The Boiler Room, The Remedy is "a platform created between Move Forward Music and Boiler Room to nurture a safe space where DJs, artists, and fans can connect with each other, dance, and discover new music and styles; a vehicle to allow the culture of hip hop to flourish and grow, in the city where it was born."

Young M.A was surely thankful to be around a supportive crowd as she's been dealing with a little controversy. Most recently, the Queens native took flack for a disrespectful line in a freestyle. "“I smoke hookah like it’s Tooka blowing jet clouds/And I only get high to bring the stress down," she rapped on Cosmic Kev's Come Up show.

Most people assumed she was referencing Shondale “Tooka” Gregory, a Chicago teen who was shot and killed while standing at a bus stop in the Windy City a few years back. Tooka had some notoriety in hip-hop due to his Tooka Gang being dissed by Chief Keef on the songs “3Hunna” and “John Madden.”

On top of that, a New Orleans promoter has accused Young M.A of running off with $33,000 without performing at the club where she was scheduled to be. The "OOOUUU" rapper allegedly said the venue wasn’t “packed enough” for her and dipped out without fulfilling her side of the deal.

Watch the rapper prove why she's one to watch moving into 2017 above.

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