Kodie Shane recruits fellow Sailing Team member Lil Yachty for her new "Sad" music video. Additionally, she releases a five-song EP titled Zero Gravity.

Throughout the clip, Kodie visits her therapist, Dr. Boat, played by none other than Lil Yachty. In the video, Kodie Shane tries her hand at speed dating, which ends up going horribly wrong. Along the way, she meets potential boyfriends Tyrone Jackson A.K.A. "Mr. Do You Right," Darius Williams A.K.A. "Let's Not Play Games" and other sub-par suitors.

Meanwhile, Yachty kills his role as Dr. Boat. The whole time, his hilarious character pretends to be giving Kodie advice; however, a closer look at his clipboard reveals that he's just doodling, taking random notes and writing his to-do list, which includes cleaning his room, baking pizza, cleaning his socks and watching Family Feud. Dr. Boat also has bingo at 7 p.m., and, oh yeah, how did Kodie Shane get her hair so straight?

You might remember Kodie Shane as the female rapper with the standout verse on Sailing Team's "All In" posse cut. In case you missed it, Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert appeared on Kodie Shane's "Hold Up" back in September.

You can peep the tracklist for Kodie's new EP and listen to the new project below via SoundCloud.

Kodie Shane's Zero Gravity EP Tracklist

1. "Drip in My Walk"
2. "Sad"
3. "Can You Handle It"
4. "Losing Service"
5. "A Ok"

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