2016 has been a huge year for the ascendant Kweku Collins, a Chicago rapper who's  recently traveled Europe for his Nat Love tour. Just the other day, the rising artist offered up a new video for his track "Outsiders," and he used footage from his tour for the visual. Peep it for yourself up top.

The visual for the beautiful song sees Kweku traveling everywhere from France to England as he and his tour crew have what looks like the time of their lives. In one clip you get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, and in others you get to see street musicians at work. Seeing Kweku and friends traverse Europe is pretty cool, especially when you consider how well the visual matches with the song thematically. In the hook for "The Outsiders," which is a nod to the S.E. Hinton book of the same name, Kweku asks if someone "the sun set real good on the West Side?" Immediately afterwards, he notes that people can see that same sunset on the North, East and South sides as well, which could be a poetic way of promoting the idea that we're all connected as humans.

In the video for "The Outsiders," we see Kweku, who's from Chicago, traveling different countries, where the folks that live there will also see the same sunset at one point or another, thus connecting to the aforementioned idea--even if it's only coincidentally. All together, it's a pretty dope visual for an awesome song.

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