2016 has been a breakout year for Kamaiyah. The Oakland rapper did not have an easy road to success, which she explains on her song "I'm On." Kamaiyah revisits the A Good Night in the Ghetto cut with a new music video, painting a picture of her struggles to the top.

"Put your mind to this shit and it'll happen/I grew up in the slums, wasn't raised up in a mansion/Days full of hurt, I was sad/Pallet on the floor, no pads for the mattress/Music was my answer to the madness/I say I gotta do this, so I focused on the rapping/Father was on drugs, was my daddy/Mama ain't around, black queen, but I'm damaged/This is the life that I came from," she raps on the second verse.

Kamaiyah's family history explains why she does not promote drug usage in her music. The rising star elaborated on this decision during a conversation with XXL..

"I feel like most music promotes doing drugs and genocide and I feel like this is the reason why we are dying at a rapid rate because there’s no one else promoting something positive, so I make music for the people who don’t want to be those type of individuals," she said. "For the people who just want to have a good time and go home and love their mom, father, kids or whatever it may be, that’s what it’s about."

If you have managed to sleep on Kamaiyah this entire year, it is time to change that. Listen to her A Good Night in the Ghetto mixtape and jump on the bandwagon.

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