Felly started to make some noise this year thanks to his breakthrough single "Desert Eagle." The young rapper is hoping a new video for his song "Chicago Nights" will bring it similar success. The visual sees Felly rocking the stage and cruising through the Windy City, all while reflecting on his rise in the rap game.

"Chicago nights, I call this life/This shit too real to fantasize/You know them hallways just waste my time/So now I wake up and get on flights/They all love me, I'm not surprised/My bitch call me, I'm still alive/Why y'all stalling man, you ain't try/Yeah, I’m strong, god damn the hype/Tell me what's your vice/Is it that prozac or the bombay/You be blown out in the lobby/Leave them snowflakes for the lawn, man, living my life/Homie when we turn down you can't stop me/You my angel, you never drop me," Felly raps.

XXL caught up with Felly back in September to get a little insight on his career. The up-and-comer said he wants to add more positivity to the music landscape.

“I just want to move the people sort of what [Bob] Marley did, as far as getting people to really be a wavelength of love and positivity," Felly said. "I think there’s just so much negative shit that people are trying to take different angles in the world. I just want everyone on wave of just love and feeling good. I want to loft people up and change the art a little bit.”

Make sure to read XXL's entire interview with Felly and check out his Young Fel EP, which is available now on iTunes.

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