Denzel Curry recently enlisted AJ Tracey for a remix of his single "Knotty Head" featuring Rick Ross. The 2016 XXL Freshman took some time to shoot a music video for the track while he was over in London, which you can you view above.

The video sees Curry hitting the streets of London and rocking the stage in front of a packed crowd at the Jazz Cafe. The visuals are intriguing, but Curry's rhymes are the most captivating part of the experience.

“U.L.T for life and I'm gon' rep till the death of me/My physical and spiritual is never sold separately/Medically inclined forever, feeling that the sky is better/Sky is not the limit, my attitude will disguise the weather/Under my sweater I'm feeling as if I'm under pressure/I need a Smith and Wesson/You say I need a lecture/I got a dead brother plus I've never seen my mother/Question my feelings of her/Asking me if I still love her,” Curry raps.

Curry's increased recognition had some observers thinking he'd sign with a major label, but he chose to stay independent. The "Threatz" rapper inked a distribution deal with Loma Vista Records that gives him more freedom than a major label would.

“I feel like I’m just staying in touch with what I’ve been trying to do for a long time,” Curry told XXL. “Like if I went to a major, you never know, what if they don’t like the stuff I do? I could just get shelved. And then I’m stuck in a contract and I can’t leave. And if that happens, you’re gonna realize, you’re going to start hating it, so the power with being indie is you could do whatever you want. It’s freedom. Everybody wants freedom, you don’t want to be shackled, especially as an artist. Nobody wants to be shackled at the end of the day.”

With the help of Loma Vista Records, Curry will be releasing physical versions of his Imperial album on Jan. 27. You can pre-order a vinyl or CD copy of the outstanding project right now via Loma Vista's online store.

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