Vic Mensa teams up with Twitter to announce the first-ever Twitter awards. The Chi-town rhyme slinger delivers the list of winners in freestyle fashion.

You can view the two-minute, 50-second video above courtesy of, you guessed it, Twitter. The SaveMoney rapper opens the award show by saying, "One tweet can start a friendship. One tweet can start a fight. A tweet can make you laugh. A tweet can make you think. A tweet can make you grow. One tweet can also start a movement. A digital revolution. And since the revolution will be live, that brings us to the first-ever Twitter awards."

Then, Vic dives into his freestyle, in which he hands out awards for different categories including #Impact, #Creativity, #Live, #Scale and #Customer. Finally, the Hyde Park, Chicago native closes the video by rapping, "I don't rap for free, so come see me on tour/This is 2016, it's the Twitter awards, and I'm out."

In other Vic-related news, the "Down On My Luck" artist recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and performed "16 Shots" off his mixtape There's A Lot Going On. “I’m a young black man from Chicago and I’m tired of not being able to trust the police,” he said after cutting his performance short. “I want to have faith in the men and women sworn to protect me. I don’t want to see another 17-year-old killed like Laquan McDonald murdered in the street."

He continues, "So when I hear a candidate talking about law and order and stop and frisk is the answer to our problems... You don’t know our problems in Chicago and you damn sure don’t speak for us. Tomorrow we have the biggest election of our lifetime. So you gotta get out and vote against hate. Because Donald Trump is a racist and if you don’t vote, racism wins. That’s what I gotta say.”

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