TeeFLii is back with a music video for his new single "Real Nigga." The Los Angeles singer gives viewers a look at a day in his life, which consists of everything from hanging out with his homies to hitting up the studio.

"Real Nigga" serves as the lead single for TeeFLii's Annie R U O’Tay 5, which is coming soon. The West Coast artist said mixtape is his first release without the help of DJ Mustard or YG.

“I’ve put a lot of hard work and dedication into this project," he said. "A lot of people weren’t around to help me on this project. No [DJ] Mustard, no YG... just me. It’s pretty much just me going ahead with what I believe. I want everyone to know how much this project means to me and how hard we worked. I mean, we started off creating this project in hotel rooms, ya feel me. It took a lot to get this project to where it is.”

TeeFLii hopes to make a statement with the fifth entry to his Annie R U O’Tay series. The project will be more of a solo endeavor as the singer does not plan to have many guests.

“I wanted to show the growth of TeeFLii on this new project and show that you don’t always have to have a feature to get your point across as an artist,” he said. “My music is raunchy and straight to the point. I say things a lot of other singers think about singing, but they are too scared or shy to express. I give them hope to be able to say the things they actually want to say.”

Annie R U O’Tay 5 does not have release date, but it should be dropping in the near future. But if you cannot wait, you can cop "Real Nigga" right now on iTunes.

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