Mozzy continues to drop gems. The Sacramento MC's latest record is a banger called "1 UP Top Fina Drop," which now has a music video to accompany it. The visual is nothing elaborate as Mozzy's rhymes are the focal point of this video.

"How could you fault me for my wrongs, this was how I was raised/I traveled this funky road tryna find a way/Is you gon' slither for your iller if he die today/I'm lord of what I love till my dying age/Buck 40 soaking wet, inside the lion cage/Disappointment in granny every time they raid/When niggas be tryna kill you, it be hard to change," Mozzy raps.

Mozzy spoke about his career journey at great length in a recent interview with XXL. The "Bladadah" rapper explained how 2015 was major turning point for him.

"I said I’m going to drop a hundred projects in a year," Mozzy said. "When I say 100 projects from me, I mean 100 projects from my squad. The projects started to do numbers. Sacramento started getting too small for me. Someone shot at my vehicle and hit my partner in the face and from there it opened up for me to get out of Sacramento. My notoriety is getting too big for me to keep trapped into this little location. Labels started calling. When that happened, that validated that I was serious. I moved to L.A. and it been peachy ever since. I got to really breathe and write and do my music. It’s been a drastic change."

Mozzy dropped two of the best projects of the year in Beautiful Struggle and Mandatory Check. His next release will be the 1 Up Top Ahk album, which was originally supposed to drop in January.

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