Mick Jenkins appears on BBC Radio 1's Piano Sessions and performs "Fucked Up Outro" from his latest project, The Healing Component.

The Chicago MC shows off his poetic rapping style throughout the four-minute clip. His deep voice and witty rhymes combine with the smooth piano background to create a polished finished product. You can view the video above via BBC Radio 1's YouTube account.

Mick raps, "You'd never expect it from him right?/Please don't confuse shade with the shadows from dim lights/I been bright/I been in spaces dark as midnight/My pen write on both/My insight on both is skin tight/In spite of the fact that I'm inside the hoax/All my niggas got a horcrux or two or four/We don't die, we multiply but you knew that already/Shift the culture, we do that already/If you don't give me credit for nothing but making kids in Chicago drink more water/I proved that already."

In other Mick Jenkins-related news, the 25-year-old artist recently freestyled on Sway in the Morning. He spit, “We lost one, just know that I can never get that jaded/If ever a bone to pick, know I’d never be dislocated/I’m off one, turning with the sage for the good vibes/Better know you fucking with some good guys/But if you ever feel the drop sets from your hood at us/Know that in a swift moment we could be Goodfellas, it’s not a game." The Healing Component, a 15-track project with features from Themind, Michael Anthony and more, is an excellent follow-up to Jenkins' previous two bodies of work, The Water[s] and Wave[s].

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