G Herbo pays a visit to Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning and bodies a freestyle over Nas' classic "Oochie Wally" instrumental. You can watch the clip above via YouTube.

The freestyle begins around the 16-minute mark of the video. The 2016 XXL Freshman raps, "You would think I was born yesterday the way I'm scarin' them/Used to dream of rollies in my sleep, now I'm wearin' them/Niggas say they gon' do this and that, well I'm darin' them/40 in a 45, hollows start sharin' them/I can't rap diss with niggas, 'cuz I'm really in the streets/If I catch 'em out in public then I gotta embarrass 'em/Niggas gangstas on the Internet, it's all embarrassing/Last nigga disrespected me, I probably buried them."

Throughout the rest of the interview, the Chicago rhyme slinger discusses his friendship with Common, his role as a mentor to kids from his community, how he wants to go back to school and why he switched from Lil Herb to G Herbo. He explains how he felt nervous upon first meeting Common, and how he tries to soak up as much knowledge from the veteran MC any time they hang out or work together. G Herbo also delves into how his mindset continues to mature as he gets older, and how he tries to steer the kids from his neighborhood onto the right path as much as possible. Finally, he talks about changing his stage name from Lil Herb to G Herbo.

"I changed my name to G Herbo, but it really wasn't even a decision I made," he says. "It was the people around me, like my brother, my homies, everybody that's around [my personal life]. They started calling me that, because the 'G' is a symbol of leadership. It stands for young General. It's just the way I move and think. I carry myself as a man. I'm a leader. I never fell under waves of what was popular or nothing like that."

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